ELIF’s selected Chianina breed is the noblest of all.

The Chianina breed is very ancient and probably of Umbrian-Etruscan origin. These magnificent cattle have owed their name to the Val di Chiana breeding area for at least twenty-two centuries. The breeding areas are actually wider: from the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Pisa in Tuscany to the middle Tiber Valley we pass from Perugia and Terni in Umbria to Rieti in Lazio.

The peculiarities that characterize it are:

  • the animal is giant
  • white porcelain mantle
  • light head with short horns
  • long and cylindrical trunk
  • back and loins wide

longer limbs than in other breeds

Thanks to its genetic inheritance, this cattle is a sought-after reproducer all over the world and is crossed with other breeds to improve the quality of its meat.

The Chianina, thanks to the characteristics listed above, is one of the best breeds of beef cattle in the world.