E.L.I.F.’S selected Marchigiana breed

The Marchigiana breed, as we know it today, began its history towards the middle of the 19th century when the Marchigiana breeders crossed the Podolico cattle with Chianini bulls to have a breed with a greater aptitude for work and meat production.

Its breeding is widespread throughout central Italy, with peaks of expansion in Campania and Sicily.

The Marchigiano cattle can be recognised by the following characteristics:

  • short, white and smooth hair, with grey shades on the shoulders, forearm and eyes
  • pigmented skin
  • powerful but light head
  • short neck, gibbous in males with reduced dewlap
  • harmonic development of the various somatic reasons.
  • Marchigiana is an excellent meat producer, both in terms of the slaughterhouse’s yield and meat quality.