carne romagnola
E.L.I.F.’S selected Romagnola breed

The Romagnola breed has very ancient origins: probably its ancestors arrived in Italy with the Longobards. The Romagnola breed is bred in pasture, for the most of the part, on the slopes of the Romagna Apennines and spreads in the provinces of Forlì, Bologna, Ravenna and Pesaro.

This cattle can be recognised by its precise characteristics:

  • light grey mantle tending to white, particularly in cows, with grey shades in different regions of the body
  • remarkable muscle development/musculature and strong limbs
  • They are horned which are lyre-shaped in cows and half-moon shaped in bulls

An excellent breeder, the Romagnola is considered the most climate-resistant of the white breeds, in fact it adapts very well to difficult terrain and this makes it an excellent grazing animal.

The modern selection process has improved the meat production attitude both in terms of the slaughterhouse’s yield and product’s quality.