Kamichiku’s Wagyu

The Kamichiku group is located in the Kyusyu region of Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan.

Kagoshima has the largest production volume in the whole of Japan with 312,400 animals for slaughter.

Thanks to the quality of the meat produced, it has been named the best prefecture for the production of Wagyu. Kamichiku.

It deals with :

  • the birth,
  • breeding
  • of cattle slaughtering
  • and the production of cattle feed.

Feed production is very important not only to maintain the quality of the meat, but also to ensure a very high level of safety throughout the production chain. Furthermore, by not relying on feed purchased from other companies, it’s possible to minimise the increase in costs caused by fluctuations in the price of cattle feed.

The quality of Wagyu depends on many factors. For this reason Kamichiku gives a fundamental importance to the day-to-day care of the livestock.

The future goal of the group is to continue the growth of the company by focusing on the training of staff with the aim of becoming the best breeding in Japan.